Saturday, October 07, 2006

Richard Romanus, Sr., is President/CEO of Blue Ridge Digital and, Inc. Rick has been a pioneer and motivator for the Auction Industry for more than ten (10) years. His expertise in high-tech digital video production, Internet hosting and design, and cutting edge tools and software has won him numerous state and national awards. An associate member of the NAA and many Auctioneer Associations since 1995, Romanus has an extensive background in computer hardware and software, technology, and the Auction Industry.

Romanus was president of a nationwide automobile wholesale company from 1980 - 1992. In 1985, he fully automated his office as computers were just hitting the market. This allowed the business to quickly and proficiently handle the sale of up to 200 vehicles a month. Several articles about his innovative techniques, plus his new way of auto wholesaling, were written about in Automotive News, an industry standard publication.

In 1991, he purchased an auto auction that was running approximately 50 junk vehicles a week. After a year of owning the auction, it was running 200 to 250 quality vehicles per week.

In 1992 he sold his businesses, moved to Virginia and changed careers. Since that time, he has been able to combine all of his many talents, contributing to the growth of the Auction Industry in this digital/technology age. In 2000, the Washington Post titled Romanus an "industry expert".

Romanus, Blue Ridge Digital and, Inc. make available, to all auctioneers, the latest video/CD/ DVD and digital technology along with cutting-edge, on-line software products and services that enhance auctions and offer full Internet capabilities. He and his wife, Nancy, have assembled a staff keep their finger on the pulse of technology, helping auctioneers stay aware, and equipped, to meet the challenges the Internet, and the technology age, has to offer.


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