Saturday, October 07, 2006 is proud to announce the release of Version 2.1
of our State-of-the-Art Auction Calendar!

Revisions have been made - based on your suggestions, wants and needs - plus we have added new features - the most exciting being our CATALOG INVENTORY SYSTEM!

Listed below are some of the enhancements and new features that have been added


  • FEATURED AUCTION - A specific auction can be featured on your personal web site
  • Auction Inspections can have custom text detailing (appointment times, etc.)
  • Added a third small preview image & a second large preview image - 5 total photos FREE!
  • Increased limit of file attachments to 10MB each
  • Unlimited file attachments for auctions, up to 50 MB of space (ex. 10 x 5MB docs or 25 x 2MB docs)
  • New Quick Add of auctions - a minimal, single form page to enter a new auction
  • Updated Administration area to work in more browsers
  • Improved image handling and integration with image gallery
  • Improved “Spyder” auction handling
  • Always confirms username and password match (“Spyder”) and notifies user if not valid
  • Always keeps auctions in sync


  • Allows client to have external hosting, but have full benefits of calendar
  • Makes sure that there will never be an outdated auction on site again
  • Allows for custom header and footer
  • Allows for custom page names and extensions


  • Unlimited catalogs per auction
  • Unlimited lots per catalog
  • Per catalog terms
  • Currency control for catalog (choose default currency for catalog lots)
  • Admin Custom Lot Searching and Sorting to find lots in large catalogs easily
  • Easy multi-lot import from CSV files (works for adding and updating lot information)
  • Simple forms to hand enter/update lots
  • Custom Lot # - can contain alphanumerics and can start with zeros
  • Next lot # can be auto generated by the system
  • Five (5) remote or uploadable images per lot; includes a title and description for each image
  • In the near future will fulfill partnerships with online bidding companies that will allow for single
    point of maintaining auction/lot information, bidding, etc. This will also allow for in-site bidding.


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